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NeuFit To Improve Sleep & Increase Recovery – Garrett Salpeter

Garrett Salpeter is the founder and CEO of NeuFit Neuro - a revolutionary device to increase physical & mental recovery and improve sleep. He holds a degree in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Texas and has extensive training in neuroscience and human physiology. As a health engineer, Garrett applies his engineering background to solving human performance issues through innovative neuromuscular re-education techniques. His book, The NeuFit Method, is an international best-seller providing guidance on how to optimize training and recovery. In addition to his work with New Fit Neuro, Garrett trains medical professionals and elite athletes worldwide on applying New Fit modalities. When not focused on advancing the field of functional neurology, Garrett enjoys hiking, skiing, and spending time with his family in Austin, Texas.
The Sleep Solution Book

Sleep Solution System Book

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