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The Complete Masterclass

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Uncover the advanced hidden biomarkers that you’re forgetting to do lab testing for  

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Sleep is what I call…

The "Big Domino"

Did you know that getting a healthy night of sleep can affect over 2,200+ chemical reactions and biological processes in your body? That’s why…

You might think your problem is stress. You might think your problem is bad habits. You might think your problem is lack of motivation or less-than-peak-performance. You might even think your problem is fitness or nutrition.

But if you experience any of the following…

Difficulty "Switching Gears"

1 or 2 big tasks completely burn you out for an entire day.

Decision Fatigue

After a few hours at work, you can no longer handle change.

"Addictive Procrastination"

Whether you eat too much or watch too many TED talks, it’s the same.

Irritability In Relationships

You don’t know why, but you often
can’t stand talking to loved ones.

End of Day/Week Burnout

At the end of every day your brain
is fried. By Friday, you’re toast.

...Then your problem is sleep.

Or, at least, better sleep can dramatically improve it

Who I Help

…and what they say

The average person who works with The Sleep Consultant is a busy entrepreneur, C-suite executive or rising leader in their field, who has a strong desire to run circles around their competition.

Lost 22 pounds and regained his life back in 4 months

Transformed her burnout to effortless well-being in 2 months

Busy entrepreneur working 9 hours a day struggling with insomnia and caffeine overload to a thriving business and personal life with the energy output

Zero productivity to 3Xing his energy and flow to increase in business revenue, dating life, and lifestyle in 4 weeks

Fatigued E-comm store owner to effortless results, upgrading his wearable sleep/readiness score from mid-50s to consistent 80s-90s within 4 weeks

After 4 weeks now buzzing with energy, laser focus, experiencing new levels of creativity, and a much more present father

Achieve peak performance and mental flow in 4 months while transforming his physique

Growing companies to 300k/month helping him achieve top 1% performance and mental flow in 4 weeks (without sacrificing his schedule/lifestyle)

Burnt out, low energy, and IBS challenges to master clarity in 4 months

Gained 5 hours of deep sleep in 4 weeks and no longer pre-diabetic, now medication free, and lost 25 pounds after 6 months

Walking zombie to feeling like Bradley Cooper in Limitless in 8 weeks with more revenue, freedom, and clarity

“Supplement Graveyard” and trying all solutions on internet with no results to perfect sleep, routines, and feeling better than ever before

Biomarker Breakthrough: Kevin's Path to 10/10 Performance Optimization

After battling deep sleep issues, brain fog, sore eyes, despite trying countless diets and supplements, Kevin still wasn’t achieving the performance or revenue in his business he wanted.  

After 8 weeks of 2300+ biomarker lab testing and a custom-tailored protocol to his biology, Kevin got his spark back. 

The result? Boundless energy, an 8x surge in business revenue, increased strength, an improved physique, and a remarkable transformation in all areas of life. 

Reclaiming Wellness: Timothy's Journey to Clarity, Energy, and Flow State Mastery

From battling foggy days and racing thoughts to restless nights and lack of focus, Timothy was trying to get his well-being back. 

After 6 months, he now has newfound levels of clarity, improved energy, better sleep, reduced stress, and a sharper mind a rock solid positive mindset. 

Now, he’s regularly tapping into flow states on command, being present for loved ones, and approaching each day with heightened confidence and focus


Whether you’re an CEO, entrepreneur, or top performer – Riley is here to guide you along every step of your sleep journey, so you can finally experience what it feels like to and have a body and mind that work for you, not against you.

Within a few short weeks, you’ll be able to:

  • Eliminate stress
  • Effortlessly achieve more
  • Experience an inner calm on auto-pilot
  • Tap into newfound levels of energy
  • And much more…
Riley Jarvis

With 7+ years of extensively studying sleep, Riley has transformed his own life through the exact cutting-edge strategies he teaches other high functioning entrepreneurs, executives, and CEOs – and so can you.

When your sleep is 100% dialed in, you’ll unlock a version of yourself that automatically manifests more money, better relationships, a rejuvenated sense of happiness, and more freedom into your life.

How We Help You Get A Profound

R.O.S (Return On Sleep)

2200+ Biomarkers

I test and analyze over 2,200+ biomarkers to discover the sources of biological stress, and create ease.

Zen Meditation

You have 70,000 thoughts a day, releasing calories and chemicals. Now you can control them at will.

Lifestyle Optimization