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The Millionaire Morning Routine – Nick Kozmin

Wade-Lightheart-300x300Nick Kozmin is the founder of, a consulting company specializing in helping SaaS businesses go from zero to 1 million, scaling his growth consulting business to over 20 million before age the age of 30 in Canada, Nick has a lot of insights into becoming a high performing entrepreneur.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:


  1. Nick’s Transition from Engineering to Entrepreneurship: His journey from an engineering graduate to a successful entrepreneur, beginning with door-to-door sales and evolving to a SaaS business and consulting.

  2. The Evolution of Consulting in 2023: Insights into the changes in the consulting industry post-COVID, focusing on new business challenges and opportunities in emerging markets.

  3. Strategies for Scaling Businesses: The importance of crafting unique and impactful case studies for scaling revenue from a few thousand to millions per month.

  4. Personal Routines for High Performance: Nick discusses his consistent routines in diet, sleep, exercise, and minimalism in software tools for maintaining focus and productivity.

  5. Future Trends and Optimism: An outlook on technological advancements, especially in electricity and fusion power, and their potential impact on business efficiency and environmental health.

In this episode…


We delve into Nick’s journey from engineering to entrepreneurship, beginning with his initial foray into door-to-door sales and later transitioning into the tech sector where he developed a thriving SaaS product. Nick shared valuable lessons learned from established entrepreneurs, which influenced the establishment of his own consulting firm, a venture that has significantly assisted SaaS businesses in scaling their growth. Throughout the conversation, we discussed the importance of creating robust case studies, maintaining consistent personal routines, and adapting to the shifting landscape of consulting in a post-COVID world. Nick’s insights into the future of technology, particularly the advancements in electricity and fusion power, painted an optimistic view of the future, highlighting potential benefits for both business efficiency and environmental sustainability.

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