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Healthy Foods Slowing Down

You have probably heard that foods that contain gluten and dairy aren’t good for you (as well as processed foods and high sugar). But did you know there are more hidden inflammatory foods that while considered “healthy”, can actually be causing inflammation in your body and mind – leading to poor sleep and low energy, …

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How To Eat For Better Sleep

Up to one-third of Canadians are not getting enough sleep. With the importance of sleep to health and wellness, these statistics are worrying. This also highlights the need for newer or alternate interventions, such as looking at people’s diets. While there are many studies on the effect of sleep on diet, there is also growing …

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Gut Heаlth аnd Sleep

Many people think our sleep is all inside our brain. But did you know that our gut, also known as our “second brain”, is equally as important in getting deeply restorative sleep? Let’s break it down. Our gut bacteria is shown to be highly influencial to our nоrmаl sleep pаtterns by helping creаte impоrtаnt chemicаl …

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Yoga Poses for a Better Sleep

Yoga is known to add many positive benefits to people’s health and wellbeing, but how about adding it to your nighttime routine? If sleep doesn’t come easy to you, bedtime yoga could be your solution to a good night’s rest.  Here are a few poses to promote better quality sleep.  1. Child’s Pose   The …

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