The Sleep Consultant

September 2023

Increase Your IQ & Brain Performance With Neurofeedback – Dr. Andrew Hill

Andrew Hill is an accomplished entrepreneur and educator dedicated to the field of brain optimization. As the Founder and Director of Peak Brain Institute, he has established a groundbreaking brain fitness center that offers a wide range of services including QEEG brain mapping, neurofeedback, mindfulness, and meditation coaching. Holding a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience from UCLA, Andrew is deeply passionate about self-regulation and peak performance. With a specialization in EEG Biofeedback and Neurofeedback for peak attention and neurodevelopmental populations, Andrew currently focuses on leveraging applied neuroscience tools like QEEG and neurofeedback to optimize peak performance across all ages, performance levels, and individual goals.

Healthy Foods Slowing Down

You have probably heard that foods that contain gluten and dairy aren’t good for you (as well as processed foods and high sugar). But did you know there are more hidden inflammatory foods that while considered “healthy”, can actually be causing inflammation in your body and mind – leading to poor sleep and low energy, …

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