The Sleep Consultant

May 2022

Gut Heаlth аnd Sleep

Many people think our sleep is all inside our brain. But did you know that our gut, also known as our “second brain”, is equally as important in getting deeply restorative sleep? Let’s break it down. Our gut bacteria is shown to be highly influencial to our nоrmаl sleep pаtterns by helping creаte impоrtаnt chemicаl …

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Yoga Poses for a Better Sleep

Yoga is known to add many positive benefits to people’s health and wellbeing, but how about adding it to your nighttime routine? If sleep doesn’t come easy to you, bedtime yoga could be your solution to a good night’s rest.  Here are a few poses to promote better quality sleep.  1. Child’s Pose   The …

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Christopher Tarantino

Entrepreneurial Advice and Disaster Resilience With Christopher Tarantino of Epicenter Innovation

In this episode of The Sleep For Side Hustlers Podcast, Riley Jarvis joins Christopher Tarantino, the CEO and Founder of Epicenter Innovation, to talk about preparing for disasters and building a business. Chirs shares his insights on the patterns that create success and the value of early innovation. They then go on to topics like maintaining health, the best productivity tools, and maintaining self-awareness.