The Sleep Consultant

April 2020

Sleep and Memory Loss – What’s the link?

Childhood times; As soon as the clock struck 9 in the evening, there was the immediate call of our mothers, telling us to hit the bed. The next morning, we rose early, fresh and excited for school

Sleep And Caffeine

Espresso, latte, tea, or macchiato; 90% of the global population consumes caffeine every day and we all have our preferred method. Undeniably, a quick cup of coffee offers a morning pick-me up and increases afternoon alertness. However, with the rise of digital technology, 24-hour global markets and trends in ‘productivity hacking’, it seems many of us are aiming to replace sleep with caffeine. Successful business icons report that minimizing sleep to 4 hours per night as a critical factor in their success. But is this really an intelligent move