The Sleep Consultant

Services to Help You Sleep Better

Executive sleep coaching products and professional sleep consultancy by Riley Jarvis to help you sleep deeper and longer than ever before.

The Sleep Solution System

Learn how to improve your sleep in this on-demand video program where Riley takes you on a deep dive with other like-minded individuals to optimize your deep sleep with the aid of PDF handouts, exercises, and more – yours forever to keep.

Riley Jarvis - The Sleep Consultant

The Executive Experience

Direct 1:1 coaching with Riley over 6 months where we’ll send 5 comprehensive lab test kits directly to your house (analyzing ~800 biomarkers) to find “hidden stressors” in your body. Then we’ll use personalized protocols that are customized to your body to bring everything back into balance. The result? Infinitely better sleep, more energy, focus, creativity, stress-resilience, and overall better performance in all areas of your life. 

Corporate Wellness & Performance

Increase company performance, boost employee engagement, and cultivate inspiring leadership by investing in the well-being of your leaders and teams. Starting with an office-wide sleep assessment, detailed reporting, and data-driven tracking, we help your staff unlock their full potential and perform at their best. 

The Sleep Solution Book

Sleep Solution System Book

Learn the essentials of what you can do right now to start sleeping better tonight, but on your own terms in this step-by-step comprehensive e-book – all broken down into bite-size chapters.