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Are You Looking To Upgrade Your Employee’s Well-Being And Overall Health? Then Make Sure You Read Below to Learn How To…

supercharge your employee's sleep quality to improve productivity, loyalty, and attendance

(Saving You $2,280 Annually Per Employee)

From the office of

Riley Jarvis

Founder of The Sleep Consultant, FDN, CSSC
Vancouver, Canada

Dear Friend,

Does it seem like your employee’s performance is on a downward trend?

Other organization’s seem like they’re offering better overall wellness compensation packages for their employees? 

Are your employee health care benefits costs higher than you would like?

It’s a common problem employers are facing today…

The end of the week comes and it becomes aparent...

And over the months and years, the negative effects begin to compound, leaving your organization…

And what you might not realize is...

Coffee or Sleep

Sleep deprived employess are costing you thousands of dollars

and the results are alarming...

“A 2017 study published in the American Journal of Health Promotion discovered that employees who sleep less than 8 hours per night had more daytime fatigue, less productivity and more absenteeism from work” – American Journal of Health Promotion. 

Because of this, work time lost to due employee’s lack of sleep is causing organizations to lose significant profits. 

The stats are in…  

on a national level

on an employer level

but when you dig a little deeper,
you'll see that...

Sleep deprivation is putting your employess at a higher risk of depression, heart disease, obesity, cancer, and diabetes

here's why...

your decisions

affect your


more than you realize

Sleep is the underpinning of every aspect of your employee’s physical and mental well-being. Why? 

Because sleep directly impacts their: 


And when they’re not sleeping as they should, it’s a vicious circle that’s hard to stop. 

Think about it – it’s likely your employees aren’t getting the sleep they should at home because they feel stressed and overwhelmed with everything they have to do at work. 

And they aren’t getting enough work done because they’re sleep deprived…

And they’re not sleeping because they’re not getting enough work done.

The more they compete to get ahead and make a good impression to their boss in hopes of a higher future salary…

The more they
fall behind

Which is is why employers are now slowly starting to realize…

lack of sleep kills employee function

If your employees are putting sleep “under the rug”, areas of their biology are going to begin breaking down, both over the short and long term.

A 2012 meta-analysis of 24 studies found “significant impairments” in employees problem-solving, memory and creativity among poor sleepers.  

A Harvard study of 7,480 adults found a 23.2% population-wide prevalence of insomnia and estimated 11.3 days of lost productivity among these poor sleepers.

In other words, sleep deprived employees won’t function at the greatest potential.

Which leads to…

The "corporate
sleep delusion"

If you saw a bunch of people routinely smoking or eating junk food, you would think, “They have unhealthy smoking or eating habits.” 

But if you see a bunch of tired people, you think, “They must be working hard or have an important job.”

This upside-down philosophy is exactly what’s making employees more exhausted and burnt out, making them less productive in the process.

In fact, poor sleep is causing up to 45% of the population to lose more than 2 weeks worth of productivity every year.

So ask yourself – what are you doing to fight employee fatigue? If you don’t, it’s going to greatly affect your bottom line and work culture more than you can imagine. 

And lastly, you can’t forget…




While coffee may make your employees feel more awake and alert, it has its negative consequences…

Caffeine has an average half-life of 7 hours, which means that if you have a cup of coffee at 3:00 p.m., by 10:00 p.m., 50% of that caffeine will still be active and circulating throughout their brain.

In other words, by 10:00 p.m., their brain will still be loaded with caffeine pumping through it.

Just Another reason they might be so tired and not sleeping well.

Not only that, some people are sensitive to caffeine (slow metabolizer), meaning it could take 12+ hours before the caffeine leaves their body.

When your employees are relying on caffeine to get ahead, they are getting less sleep which leads to less productivity.

But the curse is while caffeine can help you be more alert for a few hours, expect to have an energy crash shortly after. 

Over the long-term, it makes your system run on overdrive and depletes the body of its natural resources even more – SLEEP. 

The bottom line is there is no drug (caffeine, alcohol, prescription) that can replace sleep – period.

Sleep and Coffee

Here’s a better alternative…


Your employees


with better sleep

and see the results

You might not realize it, but there are organizations who put their employees’ health first, and the results in their business have skyrocketed. 

Like the company Aetna who is paying their employees up to $500 a year to get enough sleep. The results?

69 more minutes of worker productivity per month

“If you shortchange your sleep, you might get a couple of extra ‘productive’ hours, but that productivity might be an illusion.”

– Jeff Bezos, CEO & Founder, Amazon

“The real secret is the most successful people have awareness of what their body needs and sleep whenever necessary.”

– Eric Schmidt, CEO, Google

“Millions of us are living under the collective delusion that we need to burn out in order to succeed.”

– Arianna Huffington, Founder, Huffington Post

“I like to get seven hours of sleep a night because that’s what I need to stay sharp and creative and upbeat.”

– Bill Gates, Co-Founder, Microsoft

All it takes is a small investment on the backend and the front end will reward you favorably with results you never thought were possible.

There’s a direct connection between the health and well-being of employees and the long-term health of your companies bottom line.

If your company wants to see positive changes in any one of these qualities of their employees…

Making sleep the TOP PRIORITY is the best way to do it.

It’s time to invest in your most precious resource – your HUMAN CAPITAL.

Sleep is the single most effective thing they can do to reset their brain and body to attain their most optimized state, where success  can become an automatic part of their personal and work life.

Want to know the best part?

it doesn't take long to see results

By investing in your people, you’ll immediately see the results in your entire bottom line and revenue – quarter after quarter, year after year.

you can significantly reduce benefit plan costs

For every $1 invest in your employee’s health, you’ll have an average savings of $5.81.

You'll be "that" organization for their employees

Become known as that organization that puts their employees well-being first, which will attract the top talented individuals from your industry who will do whatever it takes to make your organization shine.

How a 61-Year-Old PhD Consultant Went from 20 Years as a Chronic Insomniac to Never Waking Up

in the Middle of the Night & Doubling His Business Revenue

With many “online gurus” who claim to improve sleep patterns with their “newly discovered remedy” (not scientifically proven), you’ll understand that you don’t need to waste your money on the unnecessary.
After working 12 hours a day, he came home exhausted, needing to take a 2-hour nap first thing when he got through the door.
His dream of being able be with his family as a loving dad & husband slowly began to fade away…
The harder Andre tried with 3 extra-large coffees a day to stay awake and sleep medications to try and stay asleep, the worse the problem got.
Starting to develop anxiety, running out of money because of costly cancer treatment for his wife, and making easy-to-prevent mistakes in his business, Andre felt cornered as if he had exhausted all options with nowhere to turn.

Then, Andre Used my “Sleep Solution System” to Restore His Family Relationships and Doubled His Business Revenue Working Only Half the Amount of Hours

When Andre first came to me, he was desperate to find any solution.
Like many other successful high performers (who are burning the candle from both ends), the goals he set for himself were so high, yet his body and mind were not willing to comply with the crazy schedule.
It was like he was taking 1 step forward and 7 steps back, until he come to the realization that hard work does not equal more results.
What I clarified to Andre was that it’s not about the number of hours he was working but how productive he was during those working hours. Since Andre was walking around in a foggy daze like a “walking zombie” during the day, he had no other choice but to work 12-16 hour days.
Fast forward to today, he is sleeping like a rock (first time in 20 years) and waking up full of energy, completely off his sleep medications and no longer consuming huge amounts of caffeine.
Not only that, his business is making 2x the revenue it did just 6 short months ago, with him working only 3-5 hours a day.

More sleep


more money,
More productivy

It’s amazing when your team is able to sleep the right way, everything just just falls into alignment.

When their body and mind are in-sync, it is almost an overnight process to having and abundance of energy levels, focus, concentration, and emotional intelligence.

In business, they talk about achieving 80% of the results with only 20% of the work (Pareto’s Principle). Mastering sleep is that 20% of work that will achieve 80% of the impactful results in their life and your business. Now they you can get more done in less time, and they have YOU to thank for that.

But not only that, when it’s crunch time and employees have no choice but to sleep fewer hours, you can make it so the hours they DO sleep is maximized so they can return the next day working at full capacity.  

This small investment opens the portal to an entirely new reality – and it’s right in front of you!

What would you
do with a happier and healthier workforce?

Since working with Andre, I’ve helped numerous other people to improve their sleep and life, and I look forward to helping you and your organization. 

Before I show you the “how-to”, here is a little of my story about how I overcame the impossible and you can too!

From hospital visits

To successful

business owner

Riley Sleep

Riley Jarvis, FDN, CSSC

Hi, my name is Riley Jarvis, also known as the Sleep Consultant (FDN, CSSC).

All my life I had struggled with autoimmune disease (Crohn’s Disease) which required ongoing hospital visits.

Sick of feeling helpless, I decided to take my life into my OWN hands.
After trial and error, dead-end after dead-end, it turns out the secret was going 100% natural.
Today, my doctors recently said that I have NO MORE inflammation in my intestines and could confirm that I am in 100% remission.

It feels like a lead blanket has been taken off my shoulders and now I have so much more energy. Previously, I needed to take a 2-hour nap at 3 p.m. every day. Now? Never at all.

I beat the odds and now:

From being completely burnt out to now being able to effortlessly form deep connections with strangers and having unlimited amounts of energy. And the stress, anxiety, and overwhelm have completely gone away.

Discover Why High Performers

Trust Riley With Their Sleep

Sleep Coaching Transformation
“Riley is a good guy who played a vital role in improving my testosterone and productivity. Being active in both my business and in the gym, I required even more energy to get everything done. A deep and more restorative sleep was the ‘x factor’ that was missing. With a PhD in neuroscience, I could tell Riley’s scientific approach made me click with him right from the get go – really enjoyed working with him. Now, I’m finally in the zone with an abundance of energy, and my business monthly revenue growth is higher than it ever has been.”


PhD, CEO, Doc Testosterone

Sleep issues case study
“From our very first session together, I could tell that Riley was not only knowledgeable and personable, but truly cared about me as a person. I felt a sense of trust as we worked week-by-week together getting to the source of my sleep issues. Today my energy and relationships are sky-high. Thank you!”


Sales Executive

Sleep Coaching case study
When we started out it was awful. I would only sleep a few hours and kept waking up in the middle of the night. This was really hurting my business as I couldn’t focus on the important stuff I needed to each day. Following Riley’s trainings really made a huge difference. He taught me how to sleep properly and now I am getting a solid 7 hours a night and waking up refreshed, full of energy and ready to crush it!”


CEO, Aphro-d


Achieve the Same for

Your team Too

Book a free Team Wellness Call with me to see how I can help you.

You’ll get personalized time with me, as we navigate your team’s current well-being together. I’ll listen to your current challenges and identify areas you can bring your team’s performance and well-being in the right direction.

I’ll give you actionable advice in the call that you can begin implementing today!

And if I think the fit is right, I’ll introduce you to a program that might work for you.

If it’s not the right fit, you’ll be well on your way with customizable actionable items that you can immediately begin implementing today to improve your organization’s work culture.

The way to get started is booking a call directly with me by clicking the big yellow button below.

Here’s What to expect

in YouR

Free team wellness call

Our call together will last for 30 minutes. Once inside,
we’ll get to the root of your challenges or improvements you would like to see in your team, getting them onto a path from sleepless nights to blissful ones.

Our first 10 minutes will involve me just listening to what your current struggles are. True transformations can only be achieved with a solid foundation in place, which is why I’m going to ensure I understand your entire top-to-bottom current situation and what areas might be lacking.

The next 10 minutes will be the planning phase. Here, I’ll be clarifying everything you told me and see how it aligns with my “ wellness sleep hypothesis” of your team up until this point. With everything crystal clear, I’ll combine my sleep expertise to begin formulating a plan.

In the last 10 minutes, we’re taking action. Here, I’ll give you a step-by-step breakdown of the exact action steps that you can begin implementing to start sleeping better tonight. Best part is – it’s custom tailored to YOU.

There Are 3


Strategic Sleep Solution Session


You’ll get a lot of value from the Team Wellness Call and be eligible for one of our programs if it’s a good fit


You’ll get a lot of value from the Team Wellness Call, and you’ll want to implement what you learn on your own


You don’t find the Team Wellness call valuable (this has never happened)

You might be asking yourself,
“Why would I do
something like this?”

If I’m being totally honest (despite me normally charging $1000 an hour), this is the best way that I find clients.

But more than that it makes me happy because I really want to give back because my life changed so much when I learned all about sleep, and I want the same for you and your team.

No matter how long you’ve seen your team struggle for, or what you’ve tried, or whatever impossible situation you find yourself in…

I’ll show you step-by-step, exactly how to improve their sleep for the long term. So click the big yellow button below to get started.

But... Before You Apply,

Let Me Be Brutally Honest:

Any program or option to work with me on a one-on-one basis is expensive

Because of the very high demand and the limited capacity of our programs, we only select clients that are the right fit. Why?
Because we invest lots of time to ensure our clients get the best results possible, where we hold their hand every step of the way.

There are no programs like this out there, and because of its exclusivity and quality, it’s priced accordingly.

This isn't for everybody. You have to be willing to get out of your comfort zone

I have seen those who try to improve their sleep be successful and I’ve seen those who’ve failed.
The ones who succeeded with incredible results stuck to the program and listened to exactly what I told them. The ones who failed didn’t.
The good news is I’ve already done most of the heavy lifting for you – you just need to execute.
The bad news is I can’t let everyone into my programs and that is why you can’t just sign up for it online. Everything is on an application basis.

You’ll be required to do the work and implement what you learn fast

The sleep systems I’ve developed over the years are truly revolutionary that have worked for many people have gone through it.
BUT it requires that you do the action items given and implement FAST.
Not doing so will simply be a waste of your time and mine.
I hold you accountable and here to support you each step of the way, but ultimately your results rest in YOUR hands.



This opportunity is extremely limited because…

I’m only opening up my availability to these calls for a small window of time as I only have capacity for so many openings.

Once it closes, it closes – for good.

At least until capacity becomes open again.

But when will that be? Likely not for a long while.

It could be months given the increased popularity and the fact we can only select a small group of highly committed people for our programs.

If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, click the big yellow button below:

Sleep Time

Have Questions?

Q: What can I expect from our Team Wellness Call?

Once we’re linked up, I’ll attentively listen to your team's current challenges and how it's impacting their performance or life. Once I have a full understanding the current situation, I’ll take my years of expertise and provide insight to get their sleep and overall wellness going in the right direction.

Sometimes all it takes is that ONE piece of information (custom tailored to you) that can change the trajectory of your sleep for the long term. 

As you know by now, the benefits of better sleep carry through into every single aspect of your life, so I highly recommend you take advantage of this offer while it’s still available.

Q: If I KNOW I'm ready to hire you as our team's wellness sleep consultant, can we skip the Team Wellness Call and get right down to business?

Consider this Team Wellness call the start of our working relationship, in terms of both your time and investment. Plus, I always try to connect for at least one call to make sure our values and goals align before committing to a longer-term partnership. 

Q: Who is a good fit for the Sleep Audit Session?

You’re a good fit if:
• You’re willing to do whatever it takes to improve your team's current situation 

• You’re willing to invest a high dollar value to improve the wellness and performance of your employees 
• It's apparent sleep issues are negatively affecting areas of your employees life 
• Your organization will have the dedicated resources and commitment to ensure its team's success over the course of their wellness journey 

You’re not a good fit if: 
• Your motivation to improve your team's wellness is not at least a 7/10  
• You don’t have the capacity to allocate a significant amount of time to yourself over the next 8-12 weeks

At the end of our call together, we’ll both know if we’re a good fit to work together and see if there’s a package that might work for you!

Ready to Upgrade their Sleep & Unlock Endless Amounts of productivity?



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