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The Dangers of Mold & How To Eradicate It – JW Biava

Wade-Lightheart-300x300JW Biava has over 20 years of experience in the mycology field. As the Laboratory Director of Immunolytics, he oversees the lab's cutting-edge analyses of over 37,000 species of mold using techniques like Petri dish sampling and microscopy. JW's interest in mycology began at a young age while working for his family's laboratory business. In the early 2000s, he partnered with mold experts Dr. Walter Hayhurst and Dr. Donald Dennis to found Immunolytics and help address the health impacts of mold exposure. Under JW's leadership, the lab focuses on comprehensive identification of mold genera and species, as well as quantifying contamination levels to determine health risks. His goal is to educate consumers on the importance of indoor air quality through affordable and accessible DIY mold testing solutions combined with expert analysis and guidance. When not working to advance mold science, JW enjoys restoring classic cars, hiking with his dog, and spending time with his family in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:


  1. Dangers of Mold: How exposure to indoor mold can negatively impact sleep quality and disrupt the body’s natural detoxification process.

    Common Signs of Mold: Where to look, how to smell and how to find mold in areas people miss the most. 

    Mold Prevention: Tips for mold prevention using specific techniques and technologies. 

    How To Detect Mold: The best type of at-home mold testing for mold that is affordable and 

    Make Sure It Doesn’t Come Back: How to create an environment that makes it impossible for mold to ever come back again.

In this episode…

In this episode we diver deep with JW Biava into the hidden health threats posed by indoor mold exposure. JW explains how mold spores can become lodged in the body’s fatty tissues and disrupt detoxification processes, especially during sleep. They discuss signs that may indicate a mold problem like musty odors and visible growth. JW provides valuable tips for preventing mold, such as controlling moisture and upgrading air filtration. Listeners learn about Immunolytics’ affordable DIY mold test kits that combine at-home sampling with professional lab analysis and an expert consultation.  His main aim is to raise awareness of indoor air quality issues and empower individuals to proactively evaluate their environment for mold contamination through accessible testing solutions.

Resources mentioned in this episode:


Immunolytics website ( for DIY mold test kits, educational materials, and expert consultation.

Phone number 505-217-0339 to contact Immunolytics with mold-related questions

For more on how to improve your sleep and overall performance, visit


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