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NeuFit To Improve Sleep & Increase Recovery – Garrett Salpeter

Wade-Lightheart-300x300Juraj Kocar is the CEO of Somavedic - an organization that's helped over 100,000 people in their home and office environments experience better sleep, more energy, mental clarity, and focus throughout the day. This is achieved by using a functional and frequency therapy device that harmonizes the adverse effects of EMFs, and much more - all backed by science and thousands of client experiences. As an endless optimist with a passion for building and growing new innovative projects, Juraj has many key insights into how to achieve optimal health.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:


    1. What are EMFs?: What are electro magnetic frequencies and do they negatively impact us.
    2. EMFs On Sleep: How these dangerous frequencies can disrupt our sleep, circadian rhythm, and energy levels throughout the day.  
    3. How to Combat EMFs: How to use technology to eradicate EMFs from your immediate environment.
    4. Benefits of Somavedic device: How a device that sits on your bedside table can improve sleep quality, mental clarity, reduce stress, and make you feel your best.
    5. Juraj’s favorite biohacks: How he combines the latest tech and his immediate environment to improve focus, well-being, and sleep while managing 2 companies.

In this episode…

In this episode, dive into the transformative impact of Somavedic, which has improved the lives of over 100,000 individuals by enhancing sleep quality, energy levels, mental clarity, and focus in both home and office environments. Explore the scientific underpinnings of Somavedic’s functional and frequency therapy devices, which counteract the adverse effects of EMFs, supported by research and client success stories. Gain insights from Juraj Cocar, CEO of Somavedic, as he shares his boundless optimism and passion for innovative health solutions, offering strategies for optimal well-being. Learn how Somavedic addresses the detrimental effects of EMFs on sleep quality, leading to better sleep experiences. Discover Juraj’s personal biohacking practices and tips for enhancing well-being, and hear his vision for the future of Somavedic, with exciting developments on the horizon. Finally, wrap up with Juraj’s words of wisdom for listeners seeking to optimize their health and performance.

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