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Unleash Your Cognitive Potential With Nootropics – Mark Effinger (AKA Mr. Noots)

Wade-Lightheart-300x300Mark Effinger, also known as Mr. Noots, went from building a radio at 5 years old, to building a Helium-Neon Laser from scratch before he turned 10– science, chemistry, and physics have always been a passion for Mr Noots. He dove deep into brain-enhancing supplements, and has created the most effective brain and mood enhancing formulas ever created. He is now the Chief Product Officer for Nootopia and devoted to optimizing brains and minds around the world.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:


Mark’s Origin Story: From childhood experiments to cutting-edge nootropic development.

The Science of Nootropics: Understanding how these brain nutrients can drastically improve cognitive function and emotional well-being.

Sleep & Performance: Explore the critical role of sleep in achieving peak mental and physical performance.

Practical Tips & Insights: Learn how you can apply these insights to enhance your daily life, boost productivity, and achieve a higher state of mental clarity.

In this episode…


Today we’re diving into the fascinating world of nootropics and sleep, exploring their incredible impact on productivity and peak performance.

Mark Effinger, also known as Mr. Neots, is a visionary in the realm of brain enhancement. Mark’s journey from building a radio at five to creating some of the most effective brain and mood enhancing formulas available today. As the Chief Product Officer at Nootopia, he is dedicated to optimizing brain functions globally.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your cognitive abilities, improve your emotional well-being, or simply boost your day-to-day productivity, this episode has a few golden nuggets you don’t want to miss. 

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