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How to Network the Right Way With Kerry George of CIBN Connect

kerry george

Kerry George is an experienced networker and the CEO of CIBN Connect, a business that puts together and executes live and online networking and training events. She has personally attended over 5,000 networking meetings across Canada and has been a keynote speaker for hundreds of events. 

In December of 2011, Kerry took over the leadership of the Calgary Business Network, and it has grown dramatically ever since. She is a frequent keynote speaker and has synthesized many of her ideas into her Excalibur MasterMind Series. In addition to her networking career, she has also spent time in email marketing and as a business mentor.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • How Kerry George turned networking into a career
  • CIBN Connect’s model and how they facilitate meetings
  • The tangible benefits of online and in-person networking
  • Top tips to become an expert networker
  • Kerry’s best book recommendations for business success

In this episode…

Many people view networking as a necessary and challenging part of doing business. So much of networking can feel stiff, rehearsed, or simply ineffective. Unless your personality and social skills are suited for the task, it can feel like an uphill battle. Networking doesn’t have to be that way, and with the pandemic shifting the focus to online interactions, it’s easier than ever.

For Kerry George, networking is an art form. She has built her career off of networking and helps others to do the same. Her approach is designed for people to build connections organically in conducive environments. She condenses her experience into understandable points and now offers some of them to you.

In this episode of The Sleep For Side Hustlers Podcast, Riley Jarvis talks about networking with Kerry George, the CEO of CIBN Connect. Together, the two go through the misconceptions and the changes that need to be made in the networking landscape. They talk about CIBN Connect’s model and how it is based on Kerry’s experience. Lastly, they touch on her personal tips and book recommendations for people looking to improve their networking skills.

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