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Building, Advising, and Scaling Businesses With Ray Green of Repeatable Revenue

Ray Green

Ray Green is the Virtual Chief Revenue Officer at Repeatable Revenue and the CEO of RJG & Co. The former is Ray’s community and content for B2B businesses to scale how they want to. The latter is his consultancy for sales and marketing systems. In both channels, he uses his 20 years in sales to guide businesses to growth and profitability. This includes 16 years at the US Chamber of Commerce, ending with his position as Managing Director of Small and Midsize Businesses. All told, Ray has started, sold, or advised 10-plus ventures across his career.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • How Ray Green started his business and became an expert in sales
  • The key lessons that Ray learned at the US Chamber of Commerce
  • What RJG & Co. and Repeatable Revenue do to help businesses
  • Best advice for companies looking to grow their customer base

In this episode…

What separates successful business people from the rest? It’s a complex question, but the difference is crystal clear. Some people can be put into any position and succeed because they have the right mindset and skills. Many of these people have worked in multiple contexts and still found a way to thrive. Someone who models this mindset is Ray Green.

Having worked, started, and advised more than 10 businesses, Ray has learned all about healthy companies through firsthand experience. His long and varied career has given him insight that he now uses to help other businesses scale and grow. Using his story and his lessons as a guide, you might be able to learn what goes into success.

Riley Jarvis takes the time to talk with Ray Green, the Virtual Chief Revenue Officer for Repeatable Income and CEO of RJG & Co., about what makes a successful business. They go over Ray’s career and what he learned along the way. He then gives advice on how companies can scale, the importance of work culture, and how the anagram JACKED can help your business. Hear all this and more on this episode of The Sleep For Side Hustlers Podcast.

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