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Understanding and Healing the Unconscious Mind With Daniel Hill of Daniel Hill Coaching

Daniel Hill

Daniel Hill is an unconscious mind zen coach, working with high performers for more than 15 years to achieve emotional well-being. His areas of focus include EFT, NLP, and hypnotherapy. He received a master diploma from The Optimum Health Clinic in London and a certificate in advanced EFT from AMMET. In addition to his coaching, he regularly updates his YouTube channel — 350 videos and counting.

As a life coach, mentor, and therapist, Daniel is highly skilled and experienced with many cutting-edge tools and practices that have positively assisted the unconscious minds of over 2,500 clients throughout the world and permanently changed how they feel.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • How Daniel Hill found relief from his chronic issues and became a coach
  • What is EFT, and how does it work?
  • The differences in treating the unconscious and conscious mind
  • Dermot O’Connor’s remission of multiple sclerosis through TFT
  • Helping clients in leadership roles with stress and limiting beliefs
  • What are Daniel Hill’s daily rituals?

In this episode…

There is a lot more to the human mind than we often consider. We go through our days believing to have the complete picture of our mental state. Underneath the surface, however, there’s a great deal that happens in the subconscious. Whether it’s past trauma or built-up stress, or even poor habits, our subconscious influences and even determines how we live our lives. It can be hard to identify or understand any of this ourselves, but some people specialize in this field.

One of them is Daniel Hill, a zen coach and practitioner of the unconscious mind. Daniel has experienced his own chronic health problems and saw results from techniques like EFT and NLP. Now he helps his clients with those same practices, having refined his approach since he started in 2006. He has seen the results in himself and others and is now here to share some of his insights with you.

Riley Jarvis sits down with Daniel Hill, the Managing Director of Daniel Hill Coaching, to find out how you can improve your unconscious mind. Daniel goes over his career, starting from his health to his education to his practice today. They then dive deeper into topics like limiting beliefs, the efficacy of EFT and NLP, and how the unconscious mind operates. Find out all this and more on this episode of The Sleep for Side Hustlers Podcast.

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