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Biohack Your Way To Ultimate Health – Molly Maloof

Wade-Lightheart-300x300 Molly is a physician entrepreneur, on a mission to radically extend healthspan, maximize human potential, and redefine health care using medicine, technology, education, & media. Her fascination with innovation permeates her concierge medical practice that is focused on providing personalized medicine to entrepreneurs, technology executives, investors, & celebrities. Working as an independent adviser to over 50 companies, being interviewed on the Financial Times, CBS News, National Geographic, Reuters, and more, as well as speaking at dozens of health conferences globally, Molly has many insights to becoming and feeling like your best self. Leveraging 30 years of experience in the field of psychoacoustics, focusing on 3-D soundscape/naturescape virtual reality programming and breath, heart and brain entrainment to restore systems equilibrium and create beneficial shifts in states of consciousness, she has deep insight into how to unlock peak performance in everyday life.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Personalized Medicine and Biohacking: We start with Molly’s journey into the world of Silicon Valley, where the merging of technology and healthcare sparked her interest in personalized medicine and the biohacking movement. 

  • The Importance of Sleep for High Performers: Understand why sleep is often overlooked especially in ultra high-functioning individuals, and the common misconceptions about sleep and its profound impact on mental and physical performance.

  • The Spark Factor: Molly’s new book – focusing on mitochondrial health, metabolic monitoring, and the importance of building resilient social networks for overall health and longevity.

  • Stress and Its Effects: Stress management, where we highlight the importance of understanding and responding to stress signals. Molly shares her new insights from her medical practice and background about emerging scientific ways to improve stress resilience naturally.

  • The Future of Health Tech: Lastly, we dive deep into the future of health technology. Learn the future of direct-to-consumer health products, continuous glucose monitors, and advancements in HRV (Heart Rate Variability) monitoring. A new world where we become rewarded for good health, creating positive feedback loops to peak health globally.

In this episode…


Learn the key connections between sleep, health, and better peak performance with today’s guest Molly Maloof – physician, entrepreneur ( and a regular contributor at global health conferences, with her work highlighted in CBS News, National Geographic, and Reuters.. Known for her expertise in personalized medicine, Molly shares her insights on how enhancing sleep can lead to remarkable improvements in productivity, creativity, stress management, and overall wellbeing.

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