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10x Your Performance With These Advanced Sleep & Mental Hacks – Matt Gallant

Matt-Gallant-1-300x300 The mission and vision of Matt, the co-founder and CEO of BiOptimizers, is clear and ambitious: to usher in an era of biological optimization for humanity. This revolutionary goal aims to dramatically elevate the average healthspan and lifespan to over 100 years, while enhancing our cognitive abilities by adding an extra 10 IQ points to every individual on the planet. BiOptimizers is dedicated to transforming both the quality and quantity of human life, guiding individuals from states of illness or suboptimal health to peak biological states where every bodily function harmonizes perfectly. Leveraging 30 years of experience in the field of psychoacoustics, focusing on 3-D soundscape/naturescape virtual reality programming and breath, heart and brain entrainment to restore systems equilibrium and create beneficial shifts in states of consciousness, she has deep insight into how to unlock peak performance in everyday life.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • How to use deep sleep strategically to boost productivity and performance for high achievers.
  • The significant health impacts of sleep, including weight management, brain function, and longevity.
  • Cutting-edge strategies for improving sleep quality, such as sleep gadgets, supplements, and specific lifestyle adjustments.
  • How to use melatonin properly and how to enhance the body’s natural sleep hormone production.
  • Advanced biohacking techniques for sleep, including PMF devices and temperature regulation and using sleep labs for more accurate analysis.

In this episode…

Matt’s journey to this endeavor is rooted in his extensive experience as a seasoned, serial entrepreneur. Having successfully established 15 profitable companies, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in business development. His achievements include capturing over 8 million leads, conducting more than 19,000 marketing experiments, investing over $40 million in digital advertising, and generating upwards of $100 million in online sales.

With over two decades of experience in enhancing health and well-being, Matt’s expertise extends beyond entrepreneurship. He is recognized for his contributions to popular health podcasts and his personal commitment to biohacking. This combination of entrepreneurial skill, marketing acumen, and deep insights into achieving optimal physical and mental states makes Matt a unique and influential figure in the field of biological optimization.

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