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Unlock Optimal Health: Mindset, Lifestyle & Biohacking with Wade Lightheart

Wade-Lightheart-300x300Wade Lightheart is an advisor to the American Anti Cancer Institute, and 3-time all-natural bodybuilding champion, despite his lousy genetics and vegetarian diet. He also studied exercise physiology and nutrition at the University of NB. As a coach and the President and co-founder of BiOptimizers, he has helped over 50,000 people achieve BiOptimized Health for the last 25 years.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:


Executive Peak Health: Learn how business executives face health challenges like the beginning stages of diseases, blood sugar regulation issues, stress, and anxiety attacks that constrain their executive success – also known as “golden handcuffs”.

Optimal Digestive Health: Get the inside scoop for maintaining good digestive health. Learn the best supplements to take for different circumstances, including the right enzymes, hydrochloric acid, probiotics, and how to effectively convert food into energy the right way.

Fortified Mindset: Understand the true secrets of mindset and its importance to achieving your desired outcomes. Discover of you can become a “prisoner of your mindset” and how to adopt high-performing athlete “mental shortcuts” like Tom Brady to achieve peak flow states (even if you face many challenges).

Setting The Right Standards: Learn how your internal standards become the exact reflection of your external world in the forms of health, finance, and lifestyle. 

The Future of Health: Uncover the latest advancements in health and wellness such as biohacking technology, continuous health monitoring, and personalized health care that’s on the horizon. Get insights into how with these advancements, it’s possible to achieve a healthy lifestyle into your 90s and beyond. 

In this episode…


Wade Lightheart, an expert in holistic health, brings attention to the often-overlooked health challenges overshadowed by the glitter of executive success. Many business leaders, despite their accolades, face silent battles with ailments and stress. In our conversation with Wade, we dive deep into the nuances of digestive health, the pivotal role of mindset, and the connection between our external world and inner standards. He’s not only passionate about present health strategies but also excited about future advancements in wellness. Wade offers a compass for those seeking both professional achievement and robust health. Tune in for a deep dive into life changing insights. 

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