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Smart Bedroom Devices for Smarter Sleep

It’s possible you’ve heard that electronics and sleep don’t mix. 

Devices with backlit screens (like TVs, computers, and, yes, our phones) emit a type of blue light that can negatively impact our melatonin production, similar to caffeine

But that doesn’t mean all tech in the bedroom is bad. In fact, there are plenty of smart bedroom devices out there specifically designed to help us sleep better. These smart gadgets connect to the internet or your smartphone for added functionality and efficiency, so you even have permission to keep your phone on your nightstand throughout the night — just remember to toggle “Night Mode” (iOS) or “Night Light” (Android) to cut down on blue light after sundown.

Brush up on your sleep smarts and check out just a few of our favorite smart bedroom devices below.

Sleep Trackers

If you’ve ever used a fitness tracker to help you evaluate your exercise patterns, sleep trackers work very similarly. There are both wearable and desktop options available, each offering a plethora of smart features. 

These devices help you manage your sleep time with ease by monitoring total sleep time, movement, noise, and even snoring. Wearable sleep trackers (picture a small bracelet) can also keep an eye on your body temperature, heart rate, and REM cycles. 

Use the corresponding app on your smartphone to view your sleep data and identify ways to adjust your routine to improve your slumber. 

Smart Beds

A high-tech bed can provide the ultimate sleep experience. A sleep tracker but in mattress form, smart beds have sensors throughout that collect data on your sleep patterns and environment. 

Higher-end models can even react to your sleep in real time. Partner snoring too loudly? Your mattress can raise itself slightly to help. Breaking a sweat? The bed can cool itself, and you, down before you even know it. 

If you have other smart tech in your home, many smart beds can pair with them for even more functionality — so you can change the channel, dim the lights, and bump the air down a few degrees all from the comfort of your just-right mattress.

Smart Lights

How many lightbulbs does it take to get a great night’s sleep? As many as you want, with smart lights!

Smart lights offer much more than an on/off switch. With seamless connectivity to other smart devices, these lights are endlessly customizable.

Pick the perfect color scheme and adjust the brightness or warmth with a simple tap on your phone or voice command to your home’s virtual assistant. You can also program them to follow a schedule — your lights can automatically increase brightness to complement your morning alarm, or they can turn on before you’re even home for the evening so you never have to fumble around in the dark again.

With smart lights, you’ll see even more benefits than on your sleep — these bulbs famously last years and require very little energy, so your wallet will thank you in the long run!

Smart Alarm Clocks

These tech upgrades we’ve listed will help you get the deep sleep you deserve, but we still have to get up eventually. Wake up on the right side of the bed by ditching the harsh alarm in favor of a smart clock.

Smart alarm clocks offer much more personalization than your standard timepiece — without requiring you to navigate your phone screen while half-asleep. You can customize the perfect wake-up sound or even vibrations, and many allow you to “snooze” with just a voice command, rather than having to find the right button. Smart clocks emit very soft light, as well.

Many clocks can be programmed to wake you up during your lightest sleep cycle, ensuring you’re starting your day off on the right foot. And just in case you said “snooze” a few too many times, some models provide real-time traffic and weather reports, so you can still try to make it to work on time.

Even when life gets stressful, sleep doesn’t have to be. Protect your rest with these smart bedroom devices just as you protect your home with good homeowners insurance.

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