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Finding Success Through the Right Mindset With Darnell Brown of Bulletproof Hustle

Darnell Brown

Darnell Brown has been a certified brand and entrepreneurship strategist for over a decade, and he’s the Founder of his current brand, Bulletproof Hustle. He has worked with well over 200 businesses, including Band-Aid and Teach:able. He also hosts a corresponding podcast under the same name where he shares his principles and helps motivate people from all walks.

Along with Bulletproof Hustle, Darnell is also the Co-founder of another company named Letellier. Their focus is on clean cosmetics and is operated out of his home base in Charlotte. He is also the author of three books that range in topic from motivational strategy to helpful mantras.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • What the early days of Darnell Brown looked like and how it shaped him
  • The importance of receiving support in entrepreneurship
  • How Bulletproof Hustle helps clients to find fulfillment and success
  • Separating the art from the artist in your business
  • What Darnell does in his downtime
  • Darnell’s greatest advice for people and entrepreneurs 

In this episode…

Being successful as a person and as an entrepreneur is a long, arduous journey. What stays constant from start to finish is your mindset. Without the right beliefs, support, and mentality, no amount of effort will translate into progress. There are an endless number of gurus who will work with you and your business on strategy — but at times, there’s also a need for reworking your entire approach.

Darnell Brown has implemented this process with 200 different companies, including notable names such as Band-Aid and Teach:able. His ground up approach to running a successful business has been proven in his own startups and the brands he’s worked with along the way. Now, he takes a break from being a podcast host to be featured as a guest.

In this episode of The Sleep For Side Hustlers Podcast, Riley Jarvis interviews Darnell Brown, the Founder of Bulletproof Hustle, to talk about the importance of mindset for entrepreneurs. They start with Darnell’s life story and how he found the motivation to overcome his obstacles getting started. Then, they detail how he helps clients find fulfillment, learn how to receive feedback, and eliminate self-limiting beliefs.

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