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Increasing Your Performance Through Consistency With Steve Adams of the Tiger Performance Institute


Steve Adams is the Founder and CEO of the Tiger Performance Institute. The company uses a DNA-based approach to improve performance and health for executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals. They have now expanded to include the Tiger Medical Institute to treat burnout. Before Tiger, he was a partner at US Retail, Inc. for over 21 years.

In addition to his current position, Steve is a published author with two books: Unleash the Peak Performer Within You and Passionate Entrepreneur. He is also the host of the Tiger Performance Podcast, where he interviews high-achieving entrepreneurs on their performance journeys.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • How Steve Adams went from corporate lending to performance enhancement
  • Why is sleep such an important factor for performance
  • The problems with the conventional medical model
  • What are Steve Adams’ morning and evening routines?
  • The importance of getting your body on a schedule

In this episode…

So we know just how vital sleep is for proper performance, but simply getting more hours isn’t always enough. Operating at your best is a careful equilibrium of dozens of factors, and while sleep is crucial, there may be other elements you’re missing too. One of the key ones is consistency. Without it, our bodies are left scrambling and unable to fall into healthy routines. It’s essential to take a look at these routines before it’s too late and they affect your health.

Steve Adams of the Tiger Performance Institute has seen success in his own life and in his clients who adopt this mentality. Their solution is to not band-aid medical problems but to prevent them at the root. He has his own routines that he carefully follows that have paid dividends in his life. Now, he shares some of them with you. 

Riley Jarvis talks with Steve Adams, the Founder and CEO of the Tiger Performance Institute, to go over the importance of consistency and how to treat medical issues before they become problems. They go over the proper amount of sleep you should get, establishing bodily schedules, and why the conventional medical model isn’t working. They also cover Steve Adams’ philosophy on health and the resources he recommends. Hear it all on this episode of The Sleep For Side Hustlers Podcast!

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