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The Transformative Power of Restful Sleep with Riley Jarvis of The Sleep Consultant

Daniel Hill

Riley Jarvis is a sleeping guru and is the Founder and CEO of The Sleep Consultant. His organization works to help entrepreneurs and side-hustlers alike to get more restful sleep and transform their productivity. He began his own health journey many years ago, diving into research and discovering an innovative approach to sleep training. 

Riley got his start in the finance industry, working as a financial analyst and product expert. He witnessed firsthand the consequences of inadequate sleep and sought to help people like him achieve deeper rest. His book, The Sleep Solution Sleep Book, is an alternative to personal coaching and allows people to start sleeping better on their own terms.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Riley Jarvis of The Sleep Consultant explains how he went from the finance industry to sleep specialist
  • Finding relief from Crohn’s disease through sleep
  • The problems that come from inadequate sleep
  • Riley’s best advice for chronically sleep-deprived people

In this episode…


Why do most of us cut corners when it comes to sleep?

While we all try to live healthy lives, many people fail to get the sleep they need. We either don’t get enough hours through the night, or the hours we do get fail to be truly restful. Others believe they can push through being tired and rely on caffeine to get by. Ultimately, a lack of proper sleep will hurt your performance, mental state, and physical health. To avoid burnout and stay successful, something has to change.

Riley Jarvis has been on both sides of the problem — feeling the effects of sleep deprivation as well as the benefits of deeper rest. Now he studies the science behind sleep to help his clients reach peak productivity. Riley developed his unique approach through research and his own lived experience, even seeing results in his struggle with Crohn’s disease. So how did he do it?

On this debut episode of The Sleep for Side Hustlers Podcast, John Corcoran of Rise25 interviews Riley Jarvis, the CEO and Founder of The Sleep Consultant, to learn the story behind his sleep transformation. Riley goes over his chronic symptoms during his time in finance and how he discovered the power of restful sleep. He also goes over his advice for every entrepreneur concerning their sleeping habits. 

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This episode is sponsored by Sleep for Side Hustlers.

At Sleep for Side Hustlers, we help side hustle entrepreneurs, including rideshare drivers, food delivery drivers, Airbnb hosts, Etsy sellers, and other gig workers, to be more productive and make more money by transforming their sleep with our best-in-class individualized sleep training.

Riley Jarvis is the CEO and Founder of Sleep for Side Hustlers with more than seven years of experience studying sleep and biohacking. From his online course to Riley’s Executive Sleep Coaching, we have a solution to suit any sleep need you might have.

So, do you want to become a productivity machine, make genius business decisions, stop stress, build better relationships, and even ramp up your revenue?

All you need is a good night’s sleep.

Visit or email to learn more.

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